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2017 Awards Categories

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Distinction in Talent Management - sponsored by New Street Group

This award recognises an organisation which has developed outstanding effective strategies to recruit, retain, develop and reward employees in an inclusive manner with the aim of improving the business value and the ability of the organisation to reach its goals. Judges will be looking for:

  • Radical innovation in talent recruitment and management strategies
  • Clear integration of strategies for securing, engaging and developing talent across the entire business to meet the organisation’s wider business goals
  • Effective implementation of talent management with strategic goals for measurable organisational benefits
  • Clear evidence that your talent management programme has advanced the business

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Distinction in Employee Engagement - sponsored by SalaryFinance

This award recognises an organisation which has demonstrated a fresh take on employee engagement that has delivered real organisational benefits. Judges will be looking for:

• Innovative performance management tactics which have boosted engagement through continuous employee dialogue

• Utilisation of new and innovative measurement metrics that demonstrate an innovative approach to engagement

• Clear links between employee engagement strategy and the wider business strategy

• Evidence of high levels of engagement which have contributed to the organisation’s financial results

• A clear and measurable impact on performance and engagement levels

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Distinction in Leading Transformational Change - sponsored by AVADO

This award recognises excellence in an organisation’s ability to plan, implement and manage the ‘people aspect’ of a business transformation project. Judges will be looking for:

• A clear understanding of the business drivers and objectives for workplace change

• Evidence of HR’s pivotal role in embedding and managing a change that has transformed the business

• Innovative strategies for overcoming resistance to change

• Evidence that the change has strengthened the agility, culture and vision of the organisation

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Distinction in People Development - sponsored by LIW

This award recognises an organisation that has implemented a unique learning and development strategy that enhances the skills, knowledge and attitude across all levels of the organisation. Judges will be looking for:

• A people development strategy that demonstrates a clear alignment to the business strategy and supports continuous learning – re-engineering the way the organisation learns together

• An HR team who have evolved a comprehensive understanding of their organisation into a learning philosophy which they have embedded into “work”, and can demonstrate how it is “lived” on a daily basis

• Evidence the people development strategy is effectively communicated to the wider organisation

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Distinction in Innovating through Technology - sponsored by NaturalHR

This award recognises the radical use of technology by an in-house HR team to improve synergies, deliver insight and increase efficiency to the wider organisation. Judges will be looking for:

• Clearly understood business and strategic objectives applied to the development of the technology

• Evidence of HR’s role in the design and engineering of the technology and its deployment

• A clear understanding of how the technology deployed made a measurable difference to all concerned, including leaders, their teams and customers

• The scale of the challenge: the complexity and size of the project, information, campaign or business issue

• Evidence that the use of this technology has improved business efficiency and productivity, generating a return on investment

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Distinction in Health and Wellbeing - sponsored by Virgin Pulse

This award recognises an organisation which has developed outstanding strategies aimed at ensuring the health and well-being, whether mental, physical or emotional, of its employees and its workforce more broadly in an effort to promote wellness and performance across the organisation. Judges will be looking for:

• Clear demonstration of the impact (both qualitative and quantitative) of the initiative on the level of health and wellbeing within the organisation

• Measurable outcome against strategic objectives determined at outset of initiative

• Effort to engage employees in developing the wellness strategy

• Delineation of further planning and development for the growth and/or maintenance of the programme and its results

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Distinction in Developing Future Talent - sponsored by The People's Pension

This award recognises an organisation’s excellence in developing a business-led youth training programme – including apprenticeships, traineeships, internships and other school leaver qualifications. Judges will be looking for:

• Innovative methods and tools used to attract talent and a fresh take on learning options

• Clear links between the training programme and the strategic goals of the business

• Strong retention rates at the end of the programme or qualification

• Evidence of a new demographic attracted to the business by the youth focussed programme

• A clear and measurable return on investment


Distinction in Inclusion and Diversity - sponsored by Capita

This award recognises an organisation that has built a culture that promotes trust, collaboration and growth through an inclusive environment. Judges will be looking for:

• A clear alignment between the organisational culture, vision and purpose – to support the future direction of the organisation

• Clear evidence of ‘inclusiveness’ as part of your talent strategy to support a diverse range of experience, industry knowledge, skills and capabilities

• Effective implementation of inclusive initiative(s) that are embedded into the organisational culture

• Evidence that the inclusive initiative promotes the growth and sustainability of the organisation


Distinction in Emerging Leader in HR - sponsored by Globality Health

The emerging leader in HR recognises an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding approach to their work which goes beyond conventional expectations of their level of operating. Judges will be looking for:

• A new HR professional, including (but not limited to) transferees, returnees or young people who have demonstrated levels of commercial awareness, strategic intent, business partnering and emotional intelligence not normally associated with those new to the profession

• Shows real understanding of organisational priorities and how they can add value to the delivery of these

• Demonstrates innovative thinking to challenging situations and brings fresh perspectives to the overall HR team and wider organisation

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HR Team of the Year - sponsored by O.C Tanner

This award recognises the HR team who have excelled within their function and across the organisation by partnering with the wider business functions to achieve cross-function synergies and bottom line performance. Judges will be looking for a team that:

• Showcase a united front and acts purposefully for the good of their organisation generating tangible results

• Can clearly evidence the impact of their function

• Have influenced and inspired their company by employing innovative and unique approaches to addressing key business issues

• Demonstrates a strategic approach to all aspects of HR management.

• Clearly shows an approach that benchmarks and strives for HR excellence within the function

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HR Director of the Year - sponsored by Barclays / Solium

The HR Director of the Year award recognises the individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and influence at the executive level to fulfil a new business objective. Judges will be looking for a HR Director who has:

• Led the effective implementation of a bold, visionary, innovative people strategy that contributes to the achievement of organisational objectives

• Developed an HR Team that is businessintegrated, data driven and a trusted strategic partner

• Created an executive culture in which people issues are at the heart of every important business decision

• Demonstrated a commercial contribution to the business through the team they lead

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People-Focussed CEO of the Year - sponsored by Santa Fe Relocation Services

This award recognises a CEO who has demonstrated that a people strategy is at the heart of good business and has put the people agenda on an even footing alongside other elements of a balanced business scorecard – with demonstrable results. We invite businesses to nominate their CEO for this Award. Judges will be looking for:

• Evidence of the CEO’s leadership skills which inspire and engage the workforce

• How the CEO positions a staff focused culture at the heart of the business

• Clear evidence that the CEO supports and leverages HR policies or interventions to achieve improved business outcomes

• A clear understanding that a people focused organisational culture and progressive employee practices can make a positive difference to business performance and the community*

*Where possible their impact should be demonstrated by evidence available publicly, e.g. social media or Glassdoor.

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